“Stop making that noise!”

“Sit down, Mehreen, just SIT STILL!!”

Thus go my cuddly chats with my 2 year old while we are out dining somewhere. There’s the bang-bang of toys and the clang-clang of cutlery paving the way for my weekend hyperventilation. And while all that I wanted was to peacefully have a bite of the steak, what I end up with is something dangerously close to stuffing my face with some food and rushing back to the car seat to lock away the assailant.

NOT the best way to dine out, you would notice.

So as far as brunches are considered, I have my agenda. I shall nod in appreciation at all the variety in food, free-flowing bevs and live entertainment. But you are not talking my language until you manage to entertain my toddler for couple of hours while I sink my teeth into some good food and recline long enough to burp contently.

Enter….SuperHero Brunch at The Address Marina. (God bless them!)

Superhero brunch is your place to attain nirvana if you have restless toddlers/ children in tow. A blissfully huge area dedicated to bouncy castles, slides, face painting and movie screening will be your horizon of happiness. Helium balloons float about as your little one nibbles on pretty sandwiches and tempting cupcakes, even as Iron Man and Hulk roam around making sure they eat and play to their hearts content!

I was in absolute awe. For once, I sat down to focus on the food without freaking out every 5 minutes at my daughter’s whereabouts. Dedicated staff took care of the children in the play area, assisting them onto the castle, with face paints and around the myriad toys. Any concern of possible boredom soon evaporated as I heard bellows of laughter and screams of excitement at the tricks and tales of the visiting clowns. Occasionally, I would leave my ribs and ravioli behind to sneak a peek at my giggling girl and return in satisfaction.

While I love my food dearly, I also love my daughter to bits. So need I tell you how happy it makes me to have both in good stead!

Superhero brunch served at Address Marina was grand enough to serve and satisfy all the super heroes combined. The hotel, whose food and desserts I have had the good fortune of enjoying on numerous occasions, once again stood to awe me. The brunch menu was exhaustive and every bit of it was authentic and delicious. The kind of attention gone into the planning of the spread is commendable.

One could either begin with elegant appetizers like smoked salmon and cream cheese roll with orange pearls, or head straight to relish the mouthwatering peking duck rolls. Indian station boasted of the thick and luscious chicken tikka masala amongst other dishes, while the Asian zone looked like a splash of colors, with the sushis, sashimis, dims and buns laid out in all its splendor. Paellas, short ribs and roasted beef striploin needed no introduction, while dishes like the pan-seared duck with orange brui blanc tasted as explosively good as it sounded!

Address Marina’s desserts are by far, the best I’ve personally seen when it comes to brunches and buffets. I’m imagining a chef’s table where they brainstorm all possible desserts conceivable, go crazy and whip up the entire list – period. The variety in puddings, pies and patisserie is so marvelous that you need to plan meticulously on what you will be trying and what you can bear to miss out on. Each item is presented with utmost detail – from the swirls on the side to the sugar on top.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I recommend this brunch. Superhero Brunch is served at Mazina, Address Marina every Saturday from 12.30pm-3.30pm. The brunch is priced at AED 315 per person (incl soft bev), AED 440 per person (inc free flowing house bev) and AED 595 per person (incl free flowing house bev & bubbly). FoodKissed got invited to the launch of this brunch, but I can totally vouch for this one as a personal favorite.

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