One particular perk of being pregnant is that you don’t need to suck your tummy in. That pot belly which has long become part of your being is comfortably positioned (almost proudly?) and you can throw your best shrug of nonchalance at anybody stupid enough to stare. This means brunch begins to look more appealing to you, thanks to your voracious appetite and the realization that you don’t have to give a flying finnagon on how you look with a stuffed mouth, burps escaping in between. In my 8th month of pregnancy, I received an invitation to try the Friday London Social brunch at Ritz Carlton JBR, and lets just say I was able to do proper justice to the usage “eat like a pig”.

London Social Brunch comes in various packages, obviously.

Bubbles – AED 590
House – AED 495
Non-alcoholic – AED 395
Children – AED 175

When – Every Friday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.
Where – Caravan Restaurant and Lawns

The brunch is spread out expansively along the Caravan Restaurant interiors and flows out to the lawns outside. Guests can visit the many “tube stations” that showcase the culinary delights found in the multi-culinary hotpot that London is. The ambience is buzzed with live duo performance of British classic music, the walls are plastered with pictures of London icons and the red telephone box and Guard of honor make sure you have been virtually transported to the charming city of cobbled stone walkways and the Big Ben.

Food is, simply put, elaborate in every sense of the word. From British roasts to Indian tikka masala, Japanese sushi, Italian, Caribbean, Chinese and more, the variety is “very-Dubai” and suited in flavors to match the London theme in place. It would be criminal to not mention the desserts bar which includes a full blown display of gummy bears, lollipops and candies that make you wish you were a kid (ofcourse, that would mean no champagne and beer – so wish wisely!). The puds and cakes are fabulous to ogle at, placed around the soft swirl machine that gave away boozy treats to those determined to have fun. And did I mention the outdoor stalls that took care of more grills, seafood black ink paellas and summery cocktails by the names of House Infused Plymouth, Sacred Rosehip and Sipsmith to name a few!

There are “dirty” welcome drinks placed on your tables and occasionally, the servers bring around specially created shots for guests to indulge in. My joy lay in the stall that was strategically (and conveniently) located close to our table – the raw bar of oysters, sushis and mussels. Being an irrevocable lover of oysters, I dived in, what with their selection of amazing condiments and sauces. (Before you judge me for eating raw while being pregnant, I should inform you that I have delivered now but my hormones are still all over the place, so don’t risk getting into my bad books! LOL)

Hence with a full blown tummy and an awkward drag to my movements, I was able to indulge in the luxurious brunch offered by Ritz Carlton JBR at their Caravan Restaurant. There is really nothing much to comment about the food and offerings – the variety is impossible to cover and the quality of the food served (at least, whatever I tried) was very good. London Social is very much a recommendable brunch experience for those looking for a laid back, lavish Friday brunch with music, sunshine and a one-way ticket ride to London fuelled by some amazing culinary dishes.

Do you brunch often? If you try the London Social, I’d LOVE for you to come back and let me know how you enjoyed it! Cheers xx

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