Last Friday, I boarded a flight from DIFC. The flight was 3 hours long, full of turbulence and excitement. No one really cared for the safety instructions, because YOLO, you know. The air hostesses grooved as they walked, the stewards tap danced. The lighting was intimate, the interiors were sexy and the DJ was a scientist on a turntable. Wines were unlimited, dancing was whimsical and entertainment included a violinist playing dreamy music. Sounds like the aircraft of your dreams? Climb aboard the Dusty’s Friday Brunch aka, the Dusty’s Departure Brunch and prepare for take-off!

(FoodKissed was invited to experience the Dusty’s Friday Brunch. The meal was on the house, but the review is strictly from personal experience and opinions.)

The best part about Dusty’s Friday Brunch is its pepped up staff. They are on their toes, casual smiles and looking happy to be there. And that kind of rubs on you, you know?

Dusty’s Friday Brunch has an unlimited a la carte concept. There is a selection of starters to choose from, a selection of mains and some options from desserts.

We opted for the Lobster Tacos, Mini wagyu sliders, Burrata, Beef carpaccio, Prawns tempura and just so that the greens don’t feel bad, the Crispy duck salad as well. The top 3 places go to the salad, the lobster tacos and the wagyu sliders. The duck meat in the salad was crispy fried and the salad itself was drenched in a tangy pomegranate dressing. The Lobster was super flavorsome and creamy, the wagyu was rich and packed inside a buttery bun. The burrata was alright, the prawn tempura quite average and the carpaccio unfortunately failed to impress.

We moved on further to the mains – smaller portions from the Dusty’s a la carte mains menu. Wild mushroom pasta (because I CANNOT abstain from mushrooms), Chermoula seabass (because fish occupies lesser space in the tummy than meat) and Fillet steak (because we have no self-restraint whatsoever). All were presented well and relished gleefully – the wild mushroom pasta definitely tasting above par.

As for the desserts, the Candy Station steals the show. A giant platter of waffle croutons, marshmallows, cake pops, churros and MnMs, with a pot of chocolate fondue on the side. Yes, the kid in me did a double hoop and stood grinning with hands in the air. For a more sophisticated, grown up approach, we tried the Crème Brulee trio which was lovely (though the crust could have been a tad more crisp), and the French toast served with icecream on the side.

In all, let me tell you what makes the Dusty’s Friday Brunch awesome – the fabulous cabin crew, the smaller portion size of dishes and the music that literally wakes up the deadest bones in the crowd. These elements combined, the brunch takes on a whole new level of energy by the time it is 3pm and there is no looking back then on. The vibes are fantastic, everyone (including the bartenders and servers) is grooving and laughter is a constant sound in the air. I would rate the food a 7 on 10, but the brunch experience gets a definite score of 8.5 easily!

The Dusty’s Friday Brunch is served from 1pm to 5pm.
AED 350 all-inclusive (Business Class food & drinks)
AED 450 all-inclusive (First class food & drinks)

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