About FoodKissed!

    Befriend me on facebook and it won’t take you more than a minute to figure out that FOOD is my passion. Chocolate is my weakness. Cheese is my ecstasy and Chicken, my soul mate.


    I manically post pictures of the pretty food I eat from the zillion restaurants in Dubai, and not-so-pretty pictures of the troubled, yet edible food I cook with recipes from all over the world. It was in one of those uncontrolled mobile-upload sessions, that a friend of mine suggested I should start a food blog. Well, friends they maybe, but there is only so much they can take when it comes to someone cluttering their updates with all types of food images. So when the “Hey Neenu, why don’t you start a blog for food…” exceeded the likes for the pictures, I decided to finally take the hint.

    So here it is. A page to record my flirtations with the passion of gluttony.

    Winner of Marriott MoreCravings “UAE Foodie” Contest

    You won’t find perfect recipes here. Neither will you find calorie detailed nutritional preparations for the conscious lot. If you like the things I love, namely Chocolate (and all other sweets), Cheese (and all other highs of a glutton) and Chicken (and all other meaty, crunchy, fatty goodies), this is the place to be.

    Reviews, Recipes and Romances with Food.

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