One week into this blended learning thing and I’m already feeling bad for all the teachers out there. Not only do they have to deal with the children with all their tantrums and indiscipline on an online session, they now have to subject themselves to the traumatizing level of criticism from parents who genuinely think they know better. While I’m thrilled at the prospect of not having anything to do with fractions anymore, I realize there are more hand-on parents out there, who wish to be a part of their child’s sacred education journey. I respect that. What I do not respect are those parents who sit with vulture eyes, at how these hapless teachers try to their wit’s end to control a virtual classroom full of absolute brats, while trying to impart some knowledge. Those parents who are unsatisfied with the accent these teachers possess, or the methodology they use, or get remarkably upset when their darling child is not given the chance to read the darn poem. In a class of 30. I mean, aren’t our children growing up with the worst sense of entitlement already?

I get it. They are worried that virtual classes may take away the quality of the education promised to them. Afterall, we are paying full fees, aren’t we? We deserve the right to check on these things, criticize and ensure our children receive the best, don’t we? Yes, absolutely. But shall we also not forget that these teachers are struggling with a system completely new to them, putting into practice rules, regulations and procedures difficult for themselves too. When my daughter couldn’t open her gluestick in class, her teacher was unable to help her out due to certain COVID-19 protocols. She is my baby, but I dread to imagine the whining session that must have ensued when she couldn’t use the glue while all her friends could. Now imagine a classroom of 7-year olds. Can you fathom the amount of fuss there must arise every single minute, where the teacher can’t get involved like before? The patience they must possess. Wow.

Let us please be kind to them. Children of every age survived in physical classrooms pretty well without parents getting to interfere. Just because the teachers are now helplessly brought to your living room through an online class, it does not mean you have to hurtle judgement, criticism and unrequested suggestions at them. Let them do their job. Approach privately if you feel there is a strong challenge that needs to be addressed. Not because you think her accent isn’t posh enough or your child isn’t pampered enough. Enough with the daily whatsapp group drama and ridiculous discussions over different teachers. Everyone is fighting these times out, let’s not make it harder for each other.

Sense of entitlement – out the window, please.

Online class in progress