A good French toast for breakfast is like a nice morning yoga session. Therapeutic.  Minus all the working out. Plus a lot of delicious calories. Okay, so I probably didn’t give the best comparison, but you all agree that a good French toast is a pretty amazing meal to kick-start your day with! If you love some caramelized brioche action, here are 7 Amazing French Toasts in Dubai.

1. Tom & Serg – Salted caramel French toast (Aed 49)
Perfect breakfast for the sweet tooth! The bread is drenched in some mind-blowing, syrupy salted caramel and vanilla anglaise. The stone fruit and peach dust add to the charm all too perfectly.

2. Tub Of Butter- Spiced brioche (AED 45)
Let us clarify – this one tastes just as good as it looks. The brioche is pleasantly soft and spongy with just a hint of the spice that has gone into the batter. The salted caramel is spot on and together with the fresh raspberries, brings in just the right sweetness to the toast.

3. Clinton Street Bakery – Brioche French toast (Aed 51)
The star of this dish is the warm maple butter, which needs to be poured on to the heap of brioche, caramelized bananas and roasted pecans. The sweetness level is low to medium, making it a good choice if you are not keen on a sugary start to the day.

4. Bystro – French toast brioche (Aed 53)
We don’t promote violence. Hence, we recommend you do not attempt to share this with anyone! The brioche comes liberally plated with hot cinnamon maple syrup, which makes for the perfect spoonful with fresh berries and icing sugar. The kind of breakfast they’d probably serve in heaven.

5. The Hutch – Brioche French toast (Aed 34)
Anything that says “home-made” in the menu, is sure to get some attention. This dish of home-made brioche toast certainly lives up to the expectation. Topped with maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar, you can add on red berries, crème Chantilly or icecream topping for Aed 6 each. If you can’t decide, just add all 3 and thank us later.

6. Mo’s – Crème Brulee French toast (Aed 50)
The soft brioche here comes topped with Anglaise, strawberry sauce & powdered sugar. Seriously, what’s there not to like? The caramelisation is dreamy and good enough to inspire poetry. Yes, we are quite over-dramatic about our food!

7. Tasha’s – Brioche French toast (Aed 53)
They back their brioche with mixed berries and Italian cherry preserves. And just to make things awesome-r, there is a serving of luscious crème anglaise too on the side. We rest our case.

And that’s that! My selection of 7 amazing French toasts in Dubai! Have you tried any from this list? Leave a word if you think I missed something way better! In the meantime, I’m heading out for more brioche toasts. As part of research, of course. NOT because I’m crazy addicted. Duh!