Wake me up before 8am and you have created a very grumpy person. I’m not your morning sunshine and I hate the fact that schools in Dubai start before 8. This has resulted in my having to wake up at ungodly hours to get my daughter ready for her school bus. I see the world in a new light that was alien to me until a month ago. The (only) upside to this – we are up without too much pain on weekends. Thank you, Habit. With Dubai winters around the corner, this means Ahoy, let’s explore Dubai Breakfasts matey!

This Friday, our expedition took us to The Hutch (quite a unique name), located inside The Mall (NOT quite a unique name), opposite Burj Al Arab. The seating area against the mall’s glass windows (with day light literally flooding in), was already full of patrons enjoying a relaxed breakfast. The bakery display here looked gaze-worthy with some gorgeous pastries and cakes. Inside the restaurant, an area like a patio was sectioned off with glass doors and air coolers. I’m guessing this would make a brilliant Parisian seating in the winter months. For the moment, we took our seats indoors.

The breakfast menu isn’t exactly extensive. Standard options like Eggs, pancakes & crepes remained while others like a full-fledged English breakfast was absent. The menu in any case, looked pleasant to the eyes & pocket – pancakes were for Aed 19, organic porridge for Aed 12, three egg omelette for Aed 55 and Oak smoked salmon for Aed 55. In comparison to other Dubai breakfast spots, the Hutch did not stop our breath as we browsed through the menu. And that’s a very good thing!

The Husband ordered the Three Egg Omelet.
I went with the French Toast. If you knew me well, this would have been an easy guess!

Siphon coffee caught my man’s attention, while I clung to my latte with the addition of chocolate syrup. The siphon coffee looked like a solution in an apparatus straight from my high school chemistry lab. The brew smelled amazing and tasted strong. My latte was not extraordinary, but satisfying to say the least.

The Three Egg Omelet with mushroom fricassee, green onion, spinach, chicken ham & goat cheese was brilliant in appearance. The insides were soft, slightly undercooked and perfectly seasoned. Goat cheese was in abundance and that made the omelet’s aroma almost irresistible.

My French Toast had killer looks too. It was plated beautifully and the plate itself was of a gorgeous blue shade. The toast however, had a cake-y texture and felt less like bread. I did not particularly dislike it. Neither did I entirely love it. The texture confused me. Having said that, a friend of mine tried it and she loved it. So there you go – opinions vary.

All this apart, what I absolutely LOVED about The Hutch, was their kid’s menu. It is one of the healthiest I have seen in Dubai. A 4 course meal was available for kids for AED 35, and it blew our mind. Kids get a starter of baguette slices & crudites, choose from mains including poulet gougons with peas & sweetcorn, or bangers & mash, or cheese/ butter pasta, or cheese & tomato toasted croissant, choose either icecream or fresh fruit salad for dessert and pick a drink of fruit juice, milk or mini milk shake.

We took the leap with our notoriously picky eater of a daughter. The baguette slices were buttered, the mini milkshake can do with lesser ice (considering its for kids), the cheese pasta was fresh as can be and loaded with white sauce and the fresh fruit salad was rich with water melon, berries, apples & pineapples. It was the best 35 dhs we spent the entire week! And apart from the baguette slices, NOTHING went to waste! HURRAY!!

The Hutch had our heart. A look at the lunch/dinner menu enticed us for a second visit, and thanks to them being on the Entertainer, I can safely say that we would be back soon enough! FoodKissed recommends this place, especially if you have a loud and undisciplined little one, with the mood swings of a pregnant woman. The 35 dh 4 course kids meal is the best news in our recent dining out history!

The Hutch – Pricing Story:

Siphon Coffee – Aed 20
Cappuccino – Aed 18
Three Egg Omelet – Aed 45
French Toast – Aed 19
4 course kids meal – Aed 35

The Hutch is located inside The Mall, opposite Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Road. Breakfast is served till 1pm on Fridays. Phone: +971 4 388 85 98

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