My perfect package deal would have brilliant food. Well, yeah that’s a no-brainer. It would include killer cocktails, a laid back, relaxing ambience and a pretty view out the window. Furthermore, if things were to be had my way, there would be a bunch of good lookin’ brunchers to ogle at and some very efficient chefs at the counters for assisting hunger-blinded patrons like myself. Above all, my idea of a perfect package would have a play area set near my table with cute little toys, a table laden with cookies, subs and other colorful snacks and couple of perfect nannies who hug the kids as I would. Ladies & gentlemen, my perfect package would be the infamous Scarlett’s Brunch on Fridays at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Having a toddler in your table is much like deciding to dine at the sets of the movie 300. Forks clatter, foods fly, tantrums rocket and appetites nosedive. Evidently, not the best scenario for a food blogger to eat in. So as you can imagine, my priorities for baby-friendly brunches are quite high. And I mean much beyond the smiling staffs or a cupcake decorating section, because honestly, that’s not much to distract my 2 year old with. Scarlett gave me freedom in every sense of the word. A table with the perfect distance from the corner play area meant I could watch my girl trying to pick her nose (sigh!) and warm up to the lovely nannies. It meant I finally have two hands to hold my cutlery the way they are supposed to be held. It meant I could peacefully indulge in the fabulous spread of food and have eye contact with my husband while we chat and eat. Oh thank you Scarlett, thank you! **sob**

But what of the food? What of the food! The Braised USDA Veal ribs were mouth watering, the Beef Quesadillas were spot on and the Pan-fried jumbo prawns were fantastic. I expected more from the Scarlett’s JD Wings and the Cajun spiced salmon fillet, both that lacked any sharp flavor I felt. Special mention goes to the Balti Chicken Tikka Makhani which was simply delicious with rice, raita and mango chutney. And not to forget the super creamy, amazingly tasty Mashed Potatoes that I couldn’t stop running back to! Note to self at this juncture – DO NOT get into details about beautiful food when you’ve had only stupid Greek yogurt and fruits for dinner. Darn. #grumblingstomach

The dessert section was…well, I normally feel this word is overused, but it deserves to be here – EPIC. It was a world on its own. A world I could happily live in for the rest of my life. The selection was humongous. The choices were torturously too many! When is that bloody time machine going to be built anyway? Word of caution – if you don’t care much about desserts, this dessert table might just help you convert. All for good, dear reader. All for good.

The prices are slightly on the higher end. FoodKissed had the privilege to brunch here on invitation, but let me tell you this- If I have a plan to unwind with my family on a Friday, Scarlett’s Brunch would be a sure shot option for the following reasons – a) the table near the play area b) the braised veal & the slowroasted beef c) the refreshing cocktails d) the HUGE dessert table – all of which together make it worth every penny for me!

Scarlett’s Brunch prices per person:
AED 385 – Unlimited soft drinks, cocktails, hops, American grape & bubbly
AED 265 – Unlimited soft drinks & mocktails
AED 99 – Children between 6 & 12; including soft drinks
Children below 6 years old dine free

The Scarlett’s brunch takes place at the Mosaico Restaurant every Friday from 1pm to 5pm. Advance reservations are required. Ph: 04 3198088, email: