We met the mother of all burgers last weekend. She was a gourmet wagyu burger (spelled C-ourmet Wac-yu) and had a patty that weighed 200g. She was not humongous, but in her case, less was ample. She was a juicy Australian wagyu, full bodied with a house special “Blue & Crunchy” topping. She was delicious. She was perfection. She was easily one of the best burgers I had ever eaten.

At Blaze, one first selects the meat for the burger. This is followed by the task of choosing a sauce. Next come fries, drinks and desserts. When I say meat, I’m talking single patty Angus Beef, Australian Wagyu, double decker Angus, brick burgers, grilled chicken or Portobello mushroom (which for convenience sake, we team up with the “actual” meats). The sauces prove to be a bigger challenge to decide on – there’s just too many options and way too much awesomeness to finalize on.

Anyhoo, we went ahead with the above mentioned C-ourmet Wac-yu Burger (AED 54) with some Blue & Crunchy topping (aragula, home made pickled onions, crunchy chips, garlic mayo, blue cheese & cheddar). This one certainly comes with the FoodKissed Seal Of Approval. Next was the 6Abooc-a Burger, aka, The Brick Burger (AED 68) – Awesomeness Blaze topping between two grilled cheese sandwiches and US Certified Angus Beef in between. It’s what we can clearly call a very “grammable dish”. The visual aspect of this burger is stunning, what with the web of cheese and the meat oozing out juices that can only be delicious by the looks of it. It was good, yes, but my vote still goes for the C-ourmet Wac-yu. The other contender was the C-rilled Chicken in a lettuce wrap (AED 40) with Interstate topping (grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeno mayo & American cheese). If you are not big on burger buns and wish to keep it light, go for the lettuce wrap. I know it sounds healthy & boring, but it makes the “burger” light and easier to enjoy. You are not easily full, which means you can eat all the more. See? Not healthy & not boring!

Our sides were a portion each of Reloaded Fries with melted cheese & jalapeno and Onion rings, of which I particularly enjoyed the crispy, crunchy, well flavored onion rings. Our drinks were Blaze on the beach for the lady and Nojito County for the gentleman (Let me just call ourselves so, despite the trail of burger sauces dripping down the sides of our mouth).

Desserts were a photogenic lot. It looked grand in the menu, it looked grand on the table. We had to ourselves, the skillet cookie and the churros. The skillet cookie was unfortunately baked a tad longer, it was hard around the edges, and just about soft and squishy in the center. It came with a vanilla soft serve that was tasted absolutely fabulous. The chocolate sauce had a purpose to serve, but the MnMs were a turn off for me. The churros was topped with vanilla soft serve, bacon bits (yes, you read that right), salted caramel sauce, some (unwanted) MnMs and a pretzel. Both were decent desserts easily good for two. The menu also showcased some decadent looking icecream shakes, but we were in no physical position to even consider them.

All in all, Blaze was a fun experience. From their quirky wall arts, modern interiors, “condiment grocery”, and friendly service, to their big sized, beautiful burgers and good looking desserts, I’d say the place is a good option for a casual meal while at JBR. Couple of negatives – there is no children’s menu and the parking in the JBR parking lots might be an expensive affair.

Are you going to visit Blaze Burgers? I’d love to know what you tried and how you liked it. Don’t forget to let me know here or on my social pages. Cheers xx

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