The beginning of LinkedIn Stories


Guess who just joined the “stories” bandwagon? Now, don’t make a casual, run-off-the-mill, obvious guess. Whether you are surprised by the reveal, or knew it was coming, the news is catching on fast and how! The latest in the social platform category to get onto the story train is Linkedin. Yes, and that means plenty of exposure lies in store for you and your brand if you are quick to act. Let us dive right in!

Linkedin stories is pretty much the same as every other story you have seen. It’s casual, it lasts 24 hours and with some imagination, it can take your brand to the next level. The feature is still in testing phase, so at the moment, you can share stories from your personal pages, with few company pages in select countries extended the feature. You are able to see stories only on the mobile app as of now, with any responses you receive, going to your inbox. You can see the number of views your story has received, with the analytics showing the profiles of the viewers you have reached.

The story appears on a full screen mode similar to IG stories and you are able to reply, or send the stories to contacts to kickstart conversations. While Linkedin plays around with the feature and roll out the full-fledged version, let us start working on how you can create content and share across the platform before your competition does. Because, first mover advantage.

First of all, understand who you want to reach with your stories, and communicate accordingly. Linkedin is a professional space, but stay true to the nature of your brand and keep up the tone of voice accordingly. For example, if you are a music band, stories can be your holy grail to showcase titbits of your performance and attain brand sponsorships. A restaurant business can feature showreels or casual BTS to attain more eyeballs. Similarly, a B2B can talk to target audience more formally by highlighting upcoming events or webinars for added exposure.

Speaking about events, this is great news for brand pages to give greater exposure to everything from product reveals to company outings to award wins. There is finally ample opportunity to bring faces to the brands, without having to give it the corporate seal of approval. Ephemeral content on stories gives a human element to the brand and helps to create lighter communications and instant conversations.

What about from a personal point of view? Well, Linkedin is encouraging you to share a laugh with your colleagues, showcase personal achievements and make the place less formal. Although it is a matter of opinion on how comfortable the Linkedin residents will be about that. We can visualize a lot of daily quotes, zoom meeting screenshots and #WFH desk images popping up. But whether they will create the casual engagement that Linkedin is hoping to achieve, is something only time will tell.

For now, let’s ride the excitement and start posting some stories. If you are a brand page, look for the plus button on your mobile page, and proceed to share a story – perhaps a quote, a team photo, a brand new creative or details of an upcoming webinar. Whatever it is, the quicker you do it, the more eyeballs you will capture. And if you need some professional help to do it, well, just leave us a message and let’s get things rolling without delay.