In an ideal world, they would serve you unlimited cheese. The couches would be plush, the lighting would be perfect, the wines aplenty. In an ideal world. And of course, in Vida Downtown.

They named it the Cheerse Night for a reason. There is “Cheers” in the air, and there is a lot of cheese to go with it. For AED 125, one gets to sip and surrender to three fine glasses of wines and nibble or gobble (as you prefer) on a splendid selection of cheese.

The red wines include the likes of DB Cabernet Merlot, Chateau de Marsan, Bordeaux Superieur and Malbec, Santa Julia. If you fancy some white, there is DB Semillon Chardonnay, DB Pinot Grigio and Santa Julia Syrah Rose to go by.

The spread for Cheese is one to marvel at. The counter top is left breathless with hoards of premium cheeses, crackers, chutneys, breads and other accompaniments. Representing the bountiful France, The Ossau Iraty, St.Nectaire and Mothais, of Sheep’s, Cow’s and Goat’s milk origin respectively adorned one cheeseboard. Catchy to the eye were St. Maure, Cashel Blue, Carrigaline smoked and Dunbarra Pepper, although my personal hero turned out to be Cahill’s Garlic & Herbs. With over 20 cheese varieties to explore and engage your taste buds in, the word ‘unlimited’ comes along to tease and taunt the cheese-lover in you.

So there you have it. A deal to sip and savor. In the own words of Vida, “raise a toast to life every Wednesday in Downtown Dubai”.

Price: AED 125 per person, inclusive of 3 glasses of premium grape beverages, cheese buffet and breads.
Time: 6 pm – 9 pm, Wednesday.
Location: Stage2, Vida Downtown, Dubai.