They say if you have the big bucks to spend, Dubai is paradise on earth. The luxury and sophistication that is in reach if you are willing to spread your arms for it, is beyond dazzling. In Ramadan, when the luxury segments go crazy with fabulous decors, authentic spreads and cultural entertainments to please your eyes and palate, Emaar hospitality shines bright with its collection of iftar spreads at its many A-listed dining spots. Which is why my shoulders spread wider and my nose pointed higher when I received the invitation for iftar preview at The Palace Downtown. My friends, I felt rather privileged & proud, shamelessly bordering on narcissism.

The Palace Downtown is quite the place to bowl your guests with sheer grandeur in its entrance and decor. It is an even better place to make you feel like a pleased-as-punch royal bunch, what with the plethora of servers milling around to get you seated, fill your water glass and serve you plump little Arabic dates. I know you would probably scorn at me for judging the service from a media event, but there are some things you just know wont falter come hail or storm. Media or no media, these men in uniform suits looked like they knew their business, and genuinely acted like they cared. That practice is bound to remain, regardless of the spotlight of a fancy event.

The food was characteristically good to Emaar. Wide variety came as a token of luxury. The downside is that you either lose your appetite seeing so much of food, or you are too full to fully appreciate all the flavors and spices residing in all the dishes. Nevertheless, the seafood items were exceptionally good, the salad bar was indulgent and the meat and seafood kabza deserved second trips (if you could save space for it).

Dessert section was a world of its own with towering mountains of various Arabic sweets, rows after rows of various log cakes and a dozen different adorably arranged soufflés and pudding bowls.

Like I said, quite the plan if you want to stun your associates to a plush iftar or treat your family to an indulging take on breaking the fast. A huge outdoor tent extending to the palace gardens is at your disposal if you fancy outdoor seating, with sheesha pipes for company. The ambience is wonderfully relaxed, making extended dining hours and associated lazying and food coma a very strong possibility!

Time: Iftar – Sunset until 9pm. Suhour – Weekdays, 10pm-1am; Weekends 10pm- 2am
Price: Iftar – AED 240 per person, inclusive of Iftar buffet, Ramadan juices and water. Suhour – AED 160 per person for buffet and water
Children under 6 dine with our compliments. Between 6 and 11 years, a charge of 50% applies, while the regular price applies for children over 12.

For bookings and more information visit, call +971 4 4287951 or email


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