Disclaimer: This is a meal I did NOT pay for. Yet, magically, I hold the right to voice my OWN opinions about every spoonful exactly as I felt it, here on my blog. As shocking as it might possibly seem, by accepting a “free meal”, I have not sold the rights to the contents of my blog, nor given up on the likes and dislikes of my palette, nor (simply to heighten the drama) sold my soul to the PR companies.

Tasty Of Italy had my attention from way earlier. Back then, pressed for time, with a toddler whose diaper was dangerously close to its capacity, I had to settle for  a “next time” resolve as I walked by the restaurant entrance. This time, I walked into the restaurant, better equipped with a toilet-trained child and a cooperative husband (both after uncountable rounds of practice and perfection).

Our meal was quite elaborate. Italian cuisine generally turns the family ON, and we HAD do try out our general favorite dishes to truly understand the quality of the offering. You know, in comparison with other restaurants serving the same. Or something like that. #CreativeReasonsToEatLikePigs

Beef Bresaola thinly sliced with mushroom, parmigiano cheese and rocket –  Aed 75

Tartare Di Salmone – Finely chopped fillet of salmon, chopped tomato and avocado served with fresh herbs and homemade balsamic dressing – Aed 60

Seafood Salad with zucchini, celery, olives and carrot – Aed 55

Burrata with zucchini, carrots, asparagus and fennel salad seasoned with white balsamic vinegar – Aed 75

Pan fried chicken supreme served with amaranth grains and artichoke puree – Aed 90

Herb crusted lamb loin, zucchini puree and fresh white truffle – Aed 160

Tiramisu – An Italian classic deconstructed, Heinz Beck’s signature – Aed 45


Mango and apple compote, creamy ginger, oats, ginger gelato and walnut crumble – Aed 40

Raspberry cream, agar jelly, yogurt micro sponge, caramelized pine nuts gelato – Aed 45

The Experience:

Italian cooking in its finest form. Every morsel a gastronomical ride, aided with exquisite cooking skills and finest ingredients. Thoroughly enjoyable truffle menu – special mention going to the herb crusted lamb loin, with perfectly done meat and delectable combination of zucchini puree and white truffle.

Delicious beef bresaola and an out-of-the-world Salmon tartare that is worth every penny (or fils in this case) charged. The chicken supreme crusted with amaranth grains is cooked beautifully with crispy chicken skin and tender fibre going greatly with the artichoke puree. All desserts carry identity in flavors and textures, combined with fabulous presentation and appeal.

The Verdict:

Taste Of Italy by Heinz Beck is an excellent decision if you are desiring some fine Italian fare, albeit at a not-so-cheap fare. The prices swing more towards premium, but so does the quality of the food served. Taste Of Italy is on The Entertainer, so that’s a big relief on your maincourse with the BOGO offer. If you love recreating some Italian goodness in your kitchen, take a walk around the restaurant’s retail section to pick up some pasta, truffle butter, extra virgin olive oil and the likes. Definitely an option I’d happily take up if I’m around the Galleria Mall during lunch/dinner hour.

Do you fancy Italian much? What’s your absolute favorite Italian dish?

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