Any restaurant with the word “BEER” in it may automatically turn out to be a firm favorite among many. But let’s be fair – Belgian Beer Café is much more than just the glow of the name.

The FoodKissed couple walked into the Grand Millennium joint on a Wednesday, prepared for a quiet weeknight. The plan was to indulge in their Mussels Night special and to sip on something, while gazing around at nothingness. The first step through the main doors cleared off any anticipation of a dull, quiet night. Even for a mid week night, this place was buzzing with people. The ground floor was full, whereby we climbed the stairs to the terrace, past the first floor, which was by the way, also full! Terrace was a closed area with an open air feeling, thanks to the glass windows all around, high ceiling and perfect air conditioning. There weren’t many empty seats around, and that confirmed the fact that Belgian Café  here is quite a favorite of the office-going and residential crowd around Barsha Heights.

Service was attentive and helpful. When required, suggestions were provided and remarks were made. We were quite hungry to begin with, so an order for starters was made – Prawns in spicy tomato sauce and Escargots in garlic, parsley butter. For a Belgian food joint, the draught menu was extensive with everything from Hoegaarden to Kriek to cherry & chocolate flavored draughts. Looking around at the nearby tables, we had an idea about the portion sizes, and hence we decided to order a single pot of mussels to share between the two of us.

The escargots were rich, to say the least. The dish came in a brilliant creamy sauce of garlic and butter and had the fall-in-love taste of Blue Cheese. How one person can finish it without feeling the high of butter and impending cholesterol, is beyond me! Delicious stuff if you are not the one to be counting calories! The garlicky prawns were spicy and served to be the perfect addition to a table that was reeling in the sumptuousness of the escargots! The tomato sauce loaded on flavors teased our taste buds and we enjoyed the broth that can only be doubly appreciated by a spice loving Indian!

The pot of mussels arrived and was placed on our table alongside fresh, house potato chips. Opening the pot had a dramatic effect on our senses. The vicious steam that escaped was mingled with the aroma of seafood doused in white wine and fresh herbs. It was large portion, definitely good to stuff two people. Again, the broth was mouth wateringly delicious, the mussels were fresh & splendid. It broke our heart to not be able to finish the pot fully. Alas, there was only so much we could eat!

Desserts had to be tried, and despite how full you already are, you gotta do what you gotta do! Therefore, we requested for the Chocolate Sphere and the Liegeoise Waffle. You know….taking it light and all.

The waffles were quite nice – could have been a little softer, but nice nevertheless, together with caramel, chocolate, vanilla icecream and whipped cream. It’s not that dessert that will linger a lot in your memories, that I will be honest. The Chocolate Sphere is a new addition to the menu, filled with chocolate mousse in the inside, which is revealed as hot chocolate is poured over to melt the sphere. Drama wise, it was not a “bingo!” dessert. The sphere was thick chocolate which may have hindered the melting off perfectly. The melted chocolate, anyhow, was quite the treat with cut strawberries and the mousse.

Belgian Beer Café gave us a happy night with its high energy vibe and fantastic food. Quite honestly, there isn’t anything to frown over, what when they give you a humongous and appealing choice of draughts and vinos. The restaurant has special nights in case it captures your interest:

Theme Nights at Belgian Beer Café

Wings Night
Every Sunday 6pm – 1am
Bucket of wings with a choice of flavors and 2 selected brews
AED 130

Steak Night
Every Tuesday 6pm –1am
200gr black angus with 2 side dishes and
2 selected brews
AED 195

Hoppetizers Night
Every Monday 6pm – 1am
BBC sharing platter with variety of appetizers and 2 selected brews
AED 160

Mussels Night
Every Wednesday 6pm –1am
One pot of flavored mussels of your choice with
2 selected brews
AED 195

Ladies Night
Every Tuesday and Saturday
9pm – 1am
Selected 3 house beverages for free

FoodKissed was invited to Belgian Café to try out the Mussels Night and share feedback on the experience. All the remarks mentioned in this review are from personal experience and without incentive. It is an honest review, in the interest to guide and assist other diners while visiting Belgian Café at The Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Heights. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

Belgian Café – Ph: 04 4234111.
Belgian Beer Cafe – Barsha Heights Opening Hours:
Sat: 11 AM – 3 AM
Sun-Wed: 11 AM – 2 AM
Thu-Fri: 11 AM – 3 AM

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