Never hesitate to apologize if you are wrong.

Even as I type that, I can hear my husband smirking at me inside my head. Like all husbands, he strongly believes I don’t apologize enough. Like all wives, I strongly disagree with him. As if to reinstate my point, presently let me apologize to this pretty little restaurant for delaying on a well-deserved review. A month since I had a wonderful meal at Mo’s, a chic restaurant located in one of the newest entertainment zones in Dubai, I finally find some quality time to write about it. A well-deserved, long due review.

It is a pleasurable stroll around the CityWalk where you can drink in the sights of various cafes & boutiques and the sounds of excited brats playing around the water fountains. If the walk itself doesn’t prep your appetite, a look through the Mo’s menu will. With its warm ambience and charming fountain-view seating, Mo’s at the CityWalk is a pleasant casual dining venue that takes its sundaes seriously.

Yes, you heard me right. Sundaes must be sacred inside these doors, sizing up from its prominence in the menu. Page 2 dared me to a Sundae Challenge – finish the Mo’s party sundae in 30 minutes or less, to make it on the house! I swiftly turned the pages to find just how big this party sundae is. The (in)famous Mo’s party sundae was built of an unholy 8 scoops of icecream, brownie squares and FOUR bananas, topped with caramel sauce, hot fudge, whipped cream, toasted almonds, chocolate sprinkles and eight Maraschino cherries. Well, hello Brain Freeze!!

Cowering from the description I had just read, I temporarily left the sundae zone and sauntered towards the Shakes section. The banana lover with me raised his hand for the Banana Nut shake. The nutella lover within me screamed for the Nutella shake. That was that. Pretty soon, we were sipping up delicious creaminess from the tall glasses topped with hazelnuts. Do not be surprised at the extra steel mug brought to your side – it contains the remainder of your shake that they couldn’t fit into your glass. So there are two huge jugs of shake, and then there’s you. How awesome is life!

It was in one of those gulping moments that our starter was brought to the table. At first we were too blissfully busy to care. Then it hit us. The aroma. Spicy buffalo wings with exquisite dark red shade commanded our attention. And we were only too happy to give it. Beautifully cooked chicken coated with a sensational marinade and served with a finger licking, rich Blue cheese dip. Oh, and a photogenic presentation to go with it!

p.s: The portion is GOOD. Sharing it with my husband (who was ravenous, as usual), I still felt pretty full.

Up next was Mains #1 Chicken Pot Pie. Chicken and vegetables came in hearty gravy and covered with a crispy flaky layer of puff pastry. The gravy was delicious to say the least – creamy richness oozing in all its glory. I would have liked it better if the chicken and vegetable pieces were smaller, so that I could grab a good mix of them all in a spoonful, rather than as chunky pieces. But that’s just me, and I’m a sucker for silly equality in my spoon.

Glenn, the restaurant manager suggested my meat lover husband must try out their Balboa Steak Sandwich. Honestly, who are we to think otherwise? So this combination of prime rib, caramelized onions and sharp provolone cheese smothered on lovely grilled garlic bread was brought to our table. Not a couple of ardent sandwich fans, the dish did not overly thrill us, even though it was quite well made. We did hope they introduce the prime rib in a more show-stopping appearance in the entrees section soon! Between bites of the fresh and flavorsome garlic bread, I made a mental note to check on that in my next visit.

You’d think we’d stop there. But the FoodKissers are loyal to the cause. Errr…of gluttony. Whatever. The desserts must be had. Marking the highly-seductive sundae menu for later, we raised our hands for the Chocolate Decadence and the Heavenly Honey Cake.

Chocolate Decadence was rightly named. It was impossible to dig into more than 3 spoons of this beauty under my circumstances (of a stuffed tummy). The cake was moist and baked perfectly; the chocolate ganache was dark and silky. Need I say more? A quick mental calculation told me that I could comfortably sink into my couch and savor this cake leftover post-dinner for the next couple of days.

The heavenly honey cake is a dream come true for honey cake lovers. Beautifully crafted, this 10 or so layers of honey sponge cake was glued together with honey cream and graham cracker crumbs, and served with a generous dollop of whipped cream. It is amazingly sweet, so do plan to share it with a friend or two, unless you are looking for a week-long sugar high.

That settled our dinner. And here’s my wishlist for the next visit:

  1. BREAKFAST- anything and everything I fancy. Because I have heard good things about the Mo’s breakfast.
  2. Baked Beef meatballs – because there’s going to be a 12 hour gravy and loads of provolone cheese.
  3. Sundaes- as I fancy in the moment of course. Ummm…maybe not the infamous 8 scooper party sundae. Just maybe not!

P.S: Drop in Sunday- Wednesday 3-7pm to try their dessert menu at 50% discount. And on Sundays, for every adult ordering a main, a child of 11 years or below eats free.

The pricing story:
Spicy buggalo wings – Aed 59
Chicken pot pie – Aed 75
Balboa steak sandwich – Aed 85
Nutella shake – Aed 35
Chocolate Decadence – Aed 39

Mo’s is open from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner. They are located in the CityWalk, Dubai. Ph: 04 344 3305. FoodKissed was invited to dine at this restaurant. Nevertheless, all the opinions stated above are honest and from my personal experience. Hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂