The Stolen Kiss:
A 3.5/5 for Fratelli La Bufala

Passionately Kissed By: The Cornetto di bufala, Tiramisu
Politely Kissed By: Bocconcino mozzarella di bufala
Break-up Kiss By: Not Applicable
Service: Not Applicable
Ambience: Casual
Presentation: Appealing

Fratelli la bufala was the third stop in the food trail hosted by Emirates NBD and Zomato UAE, across the gorgeous strip of The Beach. Greeted at the entrance by Andrea and Shaadiya, the restaurant’s marketing girls, we were put in our comfort zones by talks of food and the excitement of the food trail. We bloggers did not fail to notice the tables dusted with flour and bowls of garnishes arranged in one corner of the restaurant. That we would be involved there in some interesting hands-on cooking, was a no-brainer. For the time being, we rounded up the periphery of the pizza station in the center, where Chef Pepe mercilessly kneaded and worked his way around the dough for his pizzas.

Sipping on the refreshing strawberry based mocktail (with a generous doze of an energy drink) that was served to us, we watched Chef Pepe form his dough to the shape of a horn and stuff it with a delectable amount of cheese. The dough was placed into the firewood pizza oven for a short while and out came the puffed up calzone pizza, with the cheese oozing out of it. As if it didn’t look appealing enough in all its freshness glory, Chef Pepe started mixing up some arugula with a nice drizzle of olive oil and placed this, along with some dry beef onto the calzone. With emmenthal and mozzarella smothered inside, and the delicious grana padana cheese shavings outside, this horn-shaped calzone named Cornetto di bufala was a treat worth going back for!

After stuffing our faces into the Cornetto, we took our places around the tables with the flour. There we rolled our Margherita pizza dough (with a LOT of help from chef Pepe) and adorned it with the toppings and garnishes we fancied. The smarter of the lot made their creations stand out by rolling them out to the shape of a heart and fish (yes, a fish shaped pizza- how cool!). Back at our table, we enjoyed Bocconcino mozzarella di bufala– 125g buffalo mozzarella with arugula, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt and oregano. By now, unsurprisingly, we were on our way to getting quite stuffed, so with a request to put our pizzas (which were now done baking in the oven) in take-away boxes, we gazed ahead at the tray of Tiramisu that got stationed beside us. Denying it was going to be an impossible task, considering how pretty it looked! So we tuck in, and before we knew it we all had a sheepish, heavy but very contented smile on our faces!

Fratelli la bufala has a pleasant vibe with its wall pictures, wooden flooring and casual ambience. Seating is aplenty and though I cannot judge the service yet, it had the feel of a happy place. Doubtlessly, yet another spot at the Beach where I need to drag the husband to, just so that I have company while I flirt with that cheese-gushing, arugula-purring Cornetto di bufala!

Fratelli la bufala – The Pricing Story:
Cornetto di bufala – Aed 85
Il Tiramisu – Aed 45
Bocconcino mozzarella di bufala – Aed 55 (good to share)
Margherita Pizza – Aed 65
Mocktails – Aed 20 to 25.