The Stolen Kiss:
A 4.8/5 for Butcha Steakhouse & Grill

Passionately kissed by: The Lamb Rack, the Cold Cuts Platter & the Butcha Cheese Salad.
Politely kissed by: The non-alcoholic wine. (Butcha is not licensed)
Break-up kiss by: Not Applicable.
Service: Cannot judge yet.
Presentation: Decent.

Armed with the power of sugar and glowing with the charm of tea, both thanks to the cakes and teas at Leopold Café, we made our way to the second stop at the Food Trail across JBR, sponsored by Zomato UAE and Emirates NBD. Past the serene fountains and beyond the cobbled walkways, we saw it ready to take its stance and prance. With white paint classifying its entire body into delicious zones such as brisket, striploin, short ribs and chuck, the Butcha Bull stood majestically in front of the door, welcoming us inside the Butcha Steakhouse & Grills.

The interior in a single word is ‘expanse’. The seating inside the restaurant is spread out and complemented with a high roof. An open kitchen provides a visual treat in case you’d like to see your meat being grilled in fire/char grills in all its glory. There is a rich selection of meat to choose from at the display – 28 days dry aged beef, various meat cuts that any carnivore dare fancy, fantastically flavored in-house made bresaola, Sujuks, sashliks and kebabs too. Apart from some outdoor seating and a LOT of indoor seating, a trip up the stairs reveals a separate private room that is PERFECT for a small party – Christmas, thanksgiving, or basically any celebration that calls for juicy, serious meat portions. The fact that smoking is permitted inside this indoor secluded section makes it a spot much in demand during summer as well.

Reaching our table, we bloggers felt the good vibes that good food can bring, simply by the way the table was decked for us. Cold cut platters were laid out with a bright green Butcha salad present to dispel any guilt pangs we may be facing. The platter consisted of smoked dry beef, lamb and the Bresaola which the staff seemed mighty proud of (and for good reason!). Together with cheese, rockets and a light drizzle of olive oil I believe, the cold cuts tasted thoroughly gobble-worthy! The Butcha cheese salad played a perfectly balancing role amidst all the meat, with a generous sprinkling of pomegranate vinaigrette and Tulum cheese (goat milk cheese).

It was a content moment – downing all that delicious food with some non-alcoholic red wine that the restaurant offers as a compensation for the “real thing” since they aren’t licensed. But a distraction from near the grills revealed the chef bringing to us a gigantic lamb rack, which was a beautiful sight to a carnivore such as my humble self. The lamb rack was a FULL 1.2KG and was almost dripping with juicy flavors. The chef laid it on a wooden tray beside our tables and performed the reverential task of slicing and plating it up. There was a marination of Turkish chilli flakes, oregano and sea salt and the meat, grilled on charcoal and oak wood for the heady smoky flavor brilliance, was served to us along with Dijon mustard, spicy mustard and red grape mustard sauces. One bite into the lamb and I couldn’t care less for the mustards. It was easily, one of THE BEST lamb chop I’ve had the good fortune of having- juicy, lightly marinated and cooked to perfection. I blessed the staff for serving me the last extra chop that was eyed by the rest of the group! #plaindarnlucky

So, what would I rate Butcha? A definite 10 on 10 with the kind of experience I had. Brilliant meat, good ambience. Since it was an event, I cannot judge the service experience. But rest assured, I shall be heading there again soon with the husband in tow, who is also a meat-lover (no surprises there). Oh, and how I wish they get licensed by then to punctuate that precious read meat with a gulp of some precious red vino! Gah, one can’t have it all – serve me another Lamb chop here, Butcha! *chomp chomp*

Butcha – The Pricing Story:

Butcha Cheese Salad – AED 54
Lamb Chops (200g) – AED 148
Lamb Rack (700g) – AED 435
Wine (per glass) – AED 28 to AED 32
Cold Cuts Platter- AED 55

Butcha Steakhouse & Grill- The Piazza, The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai. Ph: 04 5530684.

Disclaimer: FoodKissed was privileged to be a part of the Food Trail organized by Emirates NBD and ZomatoUAE. The experience at Butcha Steakhouse & Grill was complimentary, however, the comments and opinions in the review are honest and completely based on personal experience. Please leave a comment if you wish to add anything 🙂