Imagine the bubble I was living in, to relate Goa only to breathtaking beaches and insanely low-priced alcohol. I had been to this Indian state only once in my life from college, and I did wrong to the foodie in me by focusing a bit too much on my liquid diet and not the cuisine. So when I spotted “Goa Coastal Curries” in Karama, I had no second thoughts about it. After all, one just cannot fight fate when it comes to good food.

To begin with, I didn’t like their name board. As it turned out, that was the only thing I had a problem with.

Goa Coastal Curries

The interiors were well done and prep you up for a good meal. Either that, or I was getting hungrier by the minute anticipating my chicken and seafood. The place was soothingly lit and the menu looked authentic with required description beneath the Indian lingo. Bless them!

Comfortable seating that sets the mood for feasting!

Comfortable seating that sets the mood for feasting.

There was the Soups & Salads section from which I chose the “Canje De Galinha”, which is a Chicken clear soup with mushroom and rice. Spicy and aromatic, it was served with a LOT of chicken and was quite filling. No complaints there!

The Canje De Calinha!

The Canje De Calinha!

The vegetarian appetizers included dishes with mushroom, fried corn, fried okra, potato and cottage cheese. But since I’m not a die-hard vegetarian while dining out, I decided to turn a blind eye to that page. Non-vegetarian appetizers included Rechaido (selection of seafood pan fried with a marination of mild chili paste and Goan vinegar), Butter garlic pan-fried seafood, Chili fried seafood and a special delicacy called “Meen Polichetu” which is a sure shot hit even from where I hail (Kerala, another coastal state). We opted for the Chef Special Tiger Prawns Koliwada, which turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in the year. Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside, the Tiger Prawns were every bit worth the money. And since no order is complete without some chicken to nibble on, a portion of Chicken Cafreal was ordered. This dish was marinated to perfection with a lovely mint and tamarind coating. Another winner from the restaurant, I must say.

The best part of the night- Tiger Prawns Koliwada & Chicken Cafreal.

The best part of the night- Tiger Prawns Koliwada & Chicken Cafreal.

As maincourse, we picked the Malwani Masala Surmai, seafood cooked with coconut malwani masala and Chicken Xacutti, a latest addition item in the menu. The fish curry was perfect to go with the “Amboli” a kind of bread that’s more like a very thick Dosa. And Chicken Xacutti together with a plate of Appam, was absolutely delicious. The Goan bread however, was too similar to the Pav-bhaji bun, but for Dhs 3 a basket, it is not much to complain about either.

Chicken Xacutti

Chicken Xacutti

Malwani Masala Surmai

Malwani Masala Surmai

The only experiment my sweet tooth disapproved of, was my ordering the Bebinca for dessert. It is probably authentic, but for a hardcore sweet-lover, it just didn’t do it. I will probably stick to the safer Malai Kulfi or the Sizzling brownie next time.



In essence, the dinner from Goa Coastal Curries was a very pleasant surprise, and my feelings are reinstated by the fact that I have a watering mouth as the fond memories of the Tiger Prawns and Chicken Cafreal rock me to sleep. The cravings are strong and need to be answered over the weekend. Luckily, I’m a very determined girl.

The Pricing Story:

Canje De Galinha (the soup)- Aed 15

Chicken Cafreal- Aed 30

Tiger Prawns Koliwada- Aed 50

Chicken Xacutti- Aed 30

Malwani Masala Surmai- Aed 36

Amboli- Aed 3

Appam- Aed 3

Bebinca- Aed 15

Mineral Water Large- Aed 4


Goa Coastal Curries- well worth your appetite!

Well worth your appetite!

Goa Coastal Curries.

Next to DIB Bank, Al Rashid Road, Karama.

Ph: 04 3885222.

Open from 11am- 4pm, 7pm- 11pm.

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