“Where should I wait?”
“By the main gates of Safa Park.”
“And what should I expect?”
“Ummm…it’s a surprise.”


In the twilight hours of Dubai summer, I stood in front of the public park, decked up in a dress much different from the sweatshirts and tracksuits around me. Not knowing what exactly I should be looking out for, I fiddled with my phone trying to act completely nonchalant. And then I saw it. A black chic limousine pull up into the parking area. Before I wasted any time trying to fathom who would be vain enough to come jogging in such extravagance, this guy jumped out of the humongous luxury drive introducing himself as the PR and Media handler of Milas Restaurant and invited me inside on a virtual red carpet. It was a fantastic transformation from a simple food blogger to a super celebrity, and in the few minutes of solitude before the other invitees joined in, I blushed in peace. Milas had won the first round hands down.

The Limo ride. Milas doing it in style.

The very exciting drive ended at The Dubai Mall entrance. We walked towards The Village section to reach the beautifully set up Emirati cuisine restaurant. Seated around a long table, the head Chef Nader Al Sayed took us through the concept of Milas, the menu and the ideology of serving traditional Emirati food with a delicious Milas touch to it.

The dinner menu set for us was extensive and flattering. With a smile that is brought about by good memories, I share the pictures of the dishes below.

And that was the end to a beautiful media event by Milas Restaurant. If you walk-in for the Milas Emirati Living, my favorites include the Semsem Salad, the Nakhi Harr, the Chicken Halloumi and definitely the Milas Kunafa. 🙂

Milas is situated in The Dubai Mall, near the Cinema parking on the ground floor in The Village. Ph: 04 3882313.
p.s. The restaurant does not serve Shisha. It is child-friendly.