Let me be honest here. Couple of months ago, when I received Kenwood’s new super machine called MultiOne, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It was swanky, spanking new and came with the UPS in a huge, wrapped box. If it weren’t scorching hot in the apartment (even with the aircon on), I would’ve mistaken it for Christmas, with Santa hiding behind the courier man.

Impact Porter Novelli had the huge (and awesome) heart to send me the Kenwood MultiOne so that I can whizz, whirl and basically play with it in my kitchen and give my opinion on the product. Bless them!

And play, I did. I whizzed up some Onion bhajis with it, I whirred up some Carrot halwa with it, and I whirled up a Banoffee pie with it. And that’s without utilizing it to half it’s potential! There is a Food Mincer which is yet to be explored and a Glass Blender that looks promising. A day shall soon arrive when the time in my frail hands is good enough to put those toys to good use!

Meanwhile, here’s what I think of the rest of the appliance- It’s a super savvy addition to my kitchen! The 1000 watt motor means power to take on any challenge in cooking, while the mixer features 360° planetary mixing for quicker, more thorough mixing with a generous 4.3 litre capacity bowl.

The MultiOne has not dueled with the famed Kitchen Aid in my kitchen (as I don’t possess it ofcourse!), so I’m in no position to do that comparison here. However, my old Bosch processor now peacefully rests under my hydraulic bed and I must say, the MultiOne is light years ahead of it.

The spiral dough hook is perfect for my roti/chappati dough mixing, while the juice extractor dispensed oh-so-clear carrot juice. I wouldn’t juice my watermelon in there, as I feel too much of the fiber is lost for my own good. The citrus press did its job well, though my transition from my faithful Braun will take more time than I imagined! I believe its got to do with the pain in the washing of the citrus press – with the orange strands lodging between the gaps in the press – that’s keeping me away from using the MultiOne citrus press more often.

The chopper is a truly outstanding element. I don’t want to sound mean, but it literally puts my old Bosch to shame. Where I had to wrestle with two separate units sandwiching a blade to invert and fit onto the Bosch processor head (yes, it IS as complicated as it sounds!), the MultiOne lets me chop and slice in blessed swiftness. A dozen onions were sliced within a matter of seconds and that is what a miracle looks like when you plan to make Onion Bhajis for a walk-in crowd! The grater turned a super hero during my stint with Carrot halwa and I remember hearing my husband thank technology for the effort he’s been saved to exert! The whisk was decent to my cream and the guard cover protected my countertop from all sorts of cream splatter assaults.

Like I said, there is a lot left to explore with this beautiful new addition to my kitchen. And the experience so far is only motivating me to venture further into this super machine from Kenwood!

Incase you want more details and technical specifications about the product, check out their website link here- http://www.kenwoodworld.com/en-ae for English and http://www.kenwoodworld.com/ar for Arabic.