My husband reminded me that I haven’t cleared the junk in the fridge since ages . He also reminded me that the clothes in the chest are unwashed and that the chicken in the freezer is uncooked. More importantly, he reminded me that it’s been about 2 weeks since my last post on FoodKissed. That caught me off-guard. I was unsettled by the speed with which 2 weeks have whizzed past by, though not without any culinary feasts in my kitchen.  There was a Dragon Chicken cooked and there was a Cheesecake baked. I won’t write about them now, as I’m yet to reach the poise in the taste and the perfection in the pictures. So this blog post is for my kitchen milestone. A dish which proved to myself that Chocolate need not be the end-all of a dessert. And that, carrots need not be as healthy as is claims. Gajar Ka Halwa. SLURP.

Since I have developed this affinity to sharing 4 step recipes on FoodKissed, which makes it a bearable place for the best of us Kitchen Idiots to hang around, you can have the privilege of having a 4-step Gajar Ka Halwa recipe here for your (or your guests’) benefit.

Things you need:

Carrot (grated)- 2 Cups. That is approx., 2 big carrots.

Sugar- ½ Cup. (Add more if you are a loyal fan of great sweetness)

Milk- 2 Cups.

Cardamom powder- 2 Tsp.

Ghee- 2 Tbsp. Plus 1 tbsp for cashew & raisin.

Cashew + raisins- 1 tbsp each.

THE “PROCESS”!! (Who am I kidding?!)

Step 1: Grate the carrots. Put it in a pan along with the milk and boil until the carrot is soft.

Step 2: Add the sugar completely to this and let it boil until the carrot gets dry. (Just let the milk evaporate.)

Step 3: Put the ghee into this, mix with a spoon. The carrot mix will start leaving the sides of the pan and fry slowly.

Step 4: Sprinkle cardamom powder on this and mix well. Turn the heat off.

Step 5 (or not): In a separate pan, fry some cashews and raisins in 1 Tbsp ghee until golden color. Put this over the prepared halwa if you like. Else, munch on it while you wait for the halwa to cool a little.

There you have it. Gajar Ka Halwa. A dish that is so deliciously sweet that it can make even the healthiest of carrots look sinfully tempting. A dish that taught me to leave the Chocolate bars in my fridge alone for once. A dish that is a cute milestone for my kitchen and a stepping-stone for my Sweet Indian (and hopefully long) Walk.