If you think dining at restaurants is an easy thing to do every weekend, try writing about it. No, don’t get me wrong. Writing about it has definitely GOT to be easier than paying for it! After all, you only need to choose the restaurant, click some pics of the seats and the wall hangings, shed some light on everything from the attire of the bearers to the spellings on the menu card, click some more pics of the food you have ordered, add a fancy line or two on how it is served and finally get hold of the Chef if possible, make him talk and zap away some pictures with him too. You will now possess the basic materials to write your review with. Compare the whole process to the act of paying the dreaded bill in the end- you are still better off with the writing job.

    So if you are all ready to set sail to your reviewing dreams, you deserve to know what I think are couple of mandatory tips:

    1. Be serious about the art of gluttony and have a whole load of personal opinions on everything you see, taste and eat.
    2. Drag along a companion who can take pictures of the food, the plates, the lightings and everything else that matters while you are busy in the process of gluttony.

    The reason I say this, is because you cannot keep trying out new restaurants and different cuisines and write about it, if you are not serious about the art of gluttony. The bucks you shell out afterall, is just for some food that only comes back to you in the form of sweet memories, great burps and excess calories. Further, if you are indeed serious about the art of gluttony, you must-have to-need a companion with you to do all the clicking and shooting, because obviously, you are not the kind to stop and fiddle with the camera when the chicken is brought to your table. Review or no review, a glutton just does not ignore her chicken. Especially when the melted butter on top of it is still sizzling for your complete attention. And yes, p.s, note that whatever I write is wholly and totally a personal opinion, good and bad! 🙂

    So if you like romancing with food of various forms and flavors, have a decent camera, got your grammar in order and possess a friend who don’t mind taking pretty pics of the dishes while you gobble, then you are set to start your review writing hobby. Much like how I’m set now!