About Me

    FoodKissed is a marriage of two of my biggest passions – of food and of language.The consummation of these incredibly powerful interests gave birth to a blog, which was essentially just a writing platform to record, to share and to simply remember a meal well enjoyed. Food stories found themselves spun here. Food recipes surprisingly got created here. And before I knew it, food around the world found home here. The blog became a symphony of palates, travel and incidents. And the blog posts became a reason for you and me to connect – to appreciate the world’s little things and to marvel at its bigger things.

    While I say my “thank you”s to you for reading, remarking and correcting me as I fumbled along my baby steps to blogging, I hope that the encouragement will continue even as I try to explore newer realms of the culinary world. Do leave your comments on my travel stories, food shack finds or media related ventures or simply shoot an email to neenu.sajin@gmail.com so that we can enjoy a delectable conversation.

    Until then…Cheers to the fabulous meals that the future may hold! Cheers to the magnificent views that our travels may bring! Cheers to a beautiful life!

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