An account of The Entertainer App Launch at The Story, Holiday Inn Express, by Mr. FoodKissed/Guest Blogger, Sajin Yousuff Kutty.

The Entertainer team is back with a bang and HOW! The one issue we always had with the Entertainer was having to carry the books around everywhere we go, which in most cases fall on the heads of helpless husbands (read as Me). And, God forbid, we husbands (again to be read as Me) forget to take the book, we end up paying the price on two fronts. One, being the receiving end of the taunts for forgetting the book and two, having to pay the price of both meals when I could have paid for just ONE! Imagine the pain, torture and fear we had to go through.

That my friends have now come to an end with the launch of their new App, available natively for iPhones and Android devices as well as an Android port on BlackBerry 10 devices. Though from personal experience, if you really want to enjoy the service and features on the App, I would not personally recommend using it on the BlackBerry 10 devices.

Now coming to the important part of this whole blog post. ‘The Entertainer App launch’

The wait is indeed over!

I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the launch of The Entertainer App, held at The Story, Holiday Inn Express, DIC for the members of the press. Before I continue further, I should make it clear that this opportunity was not because I am an avid food blogger or a techie, but because, my wife, Neenu Sajin, does a good job of running this blog (darling I hope this suffices). As any ‘Plus One” would be, I went purely to hog on the food and the free drinks on offer. And I can proudly say that I was not disappointed at all. The canapés and snacks were amazing and the location of the event was second to none. I live close to it and I dint even know it existed. A special thanks to The Entertainer team, who just like their books, introduce me to places I’ve never been to.

The Story, Holiday Inn Express, DIC

Coming to the actual App, the whole reason behind this post, it is evident that the Entertainer team has put in a lot of effort and really listened to their customers. The App resolves a lot of painful points that we users always had. It gives us mobility. David Ashford, Information Director at the Entertainer, passionate about the App, took us through the app, introducing us to the features such as searching for restaurants through location or cuisine. The most convincing and unique feature for me is the one that lets you track the exact amount you have saved upon using the vouchers. The app also allows social sharing of savings, so you have no limits on how much you want to brag. They are also planning on bringing the App in Arabic also soon. Talk about spreading your reach! David had proudly informed us that APP which was developed by UK-based Future Workshops is one of the first apps globally architectured for iOS7.

During our chit chats, Donna Benton, founder and CEO of the Entertainer said “Our customers are always on the go and therefore in need of a spontaneous yet convenient way to redeem their Entertainer vouchers. The new Entertainer mobile app answers both these needs by providing customers with the same great variety of offers from our quality merchants that the Entertainer books have on a global basis.”

I highly recommend that all of us seriously consider buying the App because the benefits are immediate if you enjoy a dinner out with the family but restrain thinking of the cost involved. For a price of AED 395/- (approx) the Entertainer is a steal. And for us, freeloaders and offer hunters, it comes with 10% discount if you purchase it before December 5th. I say GO FOR IT!!!

Even better, you can download it for FREE now and The app is pre-loaded with five to eight complimentary offers for November, with a further five to eight complimentary offers for December. What more do you need??!?

Now I need to close this blog post because I have just 30+ days left to use the 2013 Entertainer vouchers!!!!


That’s us there!